The year 2018 is coming to an end, we all thank the marvellous year that it gave us the chance to  adapt to the new trends and lifestyle choices. Now it’s time to update yourself already with the fitness game 2019 is going to take us to. It’s gonna show us high intensity, some tech gripping fad and surely new ways to rejuvenate your mind and body. Are you ready? Because we are!

Following are the expected top fitness & wellness trends of 2019

HIIT Short Sessions:

People are getting busier and honestly, 24 hours are just not enough. It’s time to introduce higher intensity sessions of 30 minutes that’s equal to a training of 1 hour. How cool (read painful and exhausting) is that? With a lot of intensity and lesser breaks in between, it’s possible to burn the maximum calories and workout your entire body. Crunch the duration and get the most of it is going to be the HIIT motto of 2019.


Zumba With a Twist:

We all know about Zumba and probably it’s your favorite kinda workout where you get to burn the calories grooving to your favorite beats. Now, there’s a twist in the plot. Americans are introducing more dance workouts, like imagine doing a plank for 3 minutes and then immediately dancing for 2 minutes and then getting back to planks. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Well, you’ll get used to it.


Workout For the Seniors:

It’s high time that our senior groups have a training class of their own, why should only youths have all the fun? Brisk walking, jogging, and yoga can get mundane at times and gladly 2019 is going to bring an enthusiastic session and training for the seniors. The workout may include exercises focused mainly on the well beings, like to maintain muscle mass and bone density, keeping the body flexible and active, etc. Cheers, Grandpa!

senior workout

Rage of Personalised Workout:

Celebrity Fitness trainers are introducing personalized fitness routines according to the need of the clients. Personalised workouts are designed by checking whether you have the fat genes, good metabolism, how quickly you gain muscles, etc. Some personalized fitness programme also do a DNA test because it gives out a detailed information about your body. It holds the answer to what works for your body and how to make it work efficiently. Doing the conventional workout, sweating like P-I-G won’t show immediate results but doing what your body demands is the best way to reach your fitness goals.

personalised workout

Sensory Deprivation:

Sensory Deprivation has been around since quite some time now, and recently caught the attention of millennials by featuring in Stranger Things. Rings a bell? Sensory deprivation might sound like a scary idea but it has proved to give a Zen experience. It has multiple health benefits like lowering your blood pressure, cortisol levels, and blood lactate levels. It can also be used as a relaxing exercise post-high-intensity workout, it relaxes the mind and body while you weightlessly float on a salty water, Fancy much?

sensory deprivation

Blindfold / Blackout workout:

It may sound a bit kinky but blindfold is the latest workout trends introduced in London, being literal to its name – the participants are asked to blindfold themselves and workout. Wondering how that is going to help? When your eyes are closed your mind and body tend to become  extra alert, thereby working on your body and surrounding awareness, stability, and reaction to movements. It steps your body out of the comfort zone, focusing more on your body movements and thus showing steady results.

blindfold workout

Cold Yoga:

We all know about the trends of hot yoga, naked yoga, but that’s just passè! 2019 is introducing you to Cold Yoga, be ready to experience the Antarctica while you strike a pose. According to studies, your body burns more calories in lower temperature and helps your body to recover quickly. It also helps in maintaining mental clarity while increasing your resistance to colder temperature. Get fit and book that ticket to Finland, what say?

cold yoga

Death Metal Yoga:

Yes, it’s true! No, don’t question us, we don’t know who introduced this but it’s here and it’s gonna receive an affirming head bangs from the metal fans all over the world. Death Metal Yoga is a complete contrast of conventional yoga which is all about practicing in peace, harmony and all those typical yogi adjectives. This unique yoga includes headbanging, playing air guitar, kicking, punching and lot of physical movements leaving you sweaty and worked out. It is believed to be the best for anger management and stress relief. Are you ready for this one of its kind fitness concert?

death metal yoga

LIIT (Low Intensity Interval Training):

We all know about the sweat inducing HIIT training, and we all know about LIIT as well; wait, we ain’t talking about your favorite drink! Low Intensity Interval Training (LIIT) is all about doing the same HIIT exercises but on a slower pace with extended intervals. HIIT must be the best workout to burn calories but few fitness gurus believe that it does more harm than good. LIIT helps you to train while burning the fats during the intervals. It’s a perfect alternative to HIIT and sounds way cooler too. Try saying, “Just back from gym, had a session of LIIT!”


The Fitness Pole:

You’re lying if you don’t agree to that fact that at least once in your life you felt like doing a pole dance. Pole dancing has been around since ages but did you realize it can be used for fitness as well? Apart from being a perfect striptease, pole dancing is quite sweat inducing, super-effective and works to tone your curves. It also enhances your flexibility, strength and obviously your confidence. We know you’re gonna love this!

fitness pole

We are sure now you’re more than excited to welcome 2019 and step up your fitness game, meanwhile do your fitness junkie friend a favour and update them about these trends! Share it with your friends and let’s welcome new year with much enthusiasm.



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  2. Great article! Millennials are driving the fitness industry. They are not hesitant to try out new regimes and share them with friends and colleagues. It is important for fitness marketers to understand the touch points that can drive trials. The closer they can get to one-on-one conversations, the more workout regimes they can propagate. Not something like sensory deprivation or blackout exercises, but those that can provide health benefits and curb work stress.

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  5. Staying ahead of the fitness curve is always exciting, and the top 10 fitness trends for 2019 promise to bring innovation and motivation to our workouts. From the rise of wearable technology to the increasing popularity of group training and high-intensity interval training (HIIT), there’s something for everyone looking to enhance their fitness journey.


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