Jingle bell, Jingle bell.. Season to get broke is here to stay! We all love December for the festive spirit it brings along with the joy to end the year. What’s more, December also brings along the happiness of gifting and receiving gifts from family, co-workers, and friends. You don’t want to look like a penny-pincher and hold back when others are rejoicing the festival of gifting. While we hear your secret cries clenching a  handful pennies in your wallet – we would like you to just relax and leave it on us to guide you with a list of santamazing gifts under 1000 bucks that will instantly make you the favorite co-worker ever! *Drum rolls* And the award for the best colleague goes to…

Secret Santa gifts

The world of online shopping brings to you loads of discounts and offers, find a perfect gift for your Santa child well in advance to grab the best deals. Start early, don’t wait until 20th of the month for your HR to  roll out your secret child’s name, and that’s when we come into the picture- to help you out with some amazing gift ideas that’ll not only be light on your pocket but also delightful to the ones who are receiving them. .

So, here are the quirky and cute Secret Santa gift ideas to save you from last-moment expenses:

Power Nap Pillow : Everyone has a colleague who’s always sleepy, ask them what their weekend plan is, and they’ll prolly yawn on your face. It’s better to leave these mankind’s Nap-oleons  alone with a compatible gift like Power nap pillow.

power nap pillow

Skincare Kit : The best gift if you want to slyly throw a hint at your office crush. They take all your attention, you choose not to take a leave just to see their pretty face. Well, it’s time you drop the merry hint and you can always choose to be anonymous.

skincare kit

Vanilla Scented Candles : For that person, who’s always calm and composed even when a presentation goes wrong or the boss is in a hell of a mood. Here’s a gift to appreciate their patient presence of mind. Breathe in, breathe out!

vanilla scented candles

For the love of Beard : We all know one desi Santa Claus who is obsessed with his beard and if they wish they can convince  every other guy in the world to grow their own . Needless to say, beard is in trend so why not help them with a grooming kit for it?

beard grooming kit

GOT musical box : For someone who can’t wait for winter, treats their husky like a wolf and fancies taking a dragon ride instead of Uber. Give them a handy GOT musical box, it’s vintage, has a soothing music to keep them away from Monday blues – beyond the north walls.

Game of thrones musical box

For the organized mind : Do you have a workmate who’s OCD about almost everything?! Who can’t imagine their life without taking a note and carries a diary everywhere?! This is your chance to bring a cheerful organizer to their life. This calendar has a cute illustration to make their mood while they happily note down the tasks for the week/month.

2019 calendar & organizer

Treat for caffeine addict : If you know someone whose life mantra is “A yawn is a silent yell for Coffee!” this is all they need. An instant strong blend of coffee for your lazy caffeine addict friend, this one packet can serve them 18 cups. Imagine the blessings they’ll bestow on you. Thank us later!

cold coffee

Weight loss resolution hamper : We all know a colleague who desperately wants to reduce weight but the ‘kambhakt’ food never allows that! Help them to indulge in a gourmet collection of snacks that can keep em munchin’ while taking care of their weight loss desire. P.s – It’s healthy and organic!


Bath Bombs leisure : Sundays are for self pampering and self care is incomplete unless it’s luxurious. This bath bombs will give the best bathing experience, while they slowly wash away the worries. P.s- It adds up to a great Instagram story right when the colorful bombs are fizzing out with bomb aesthetics.

bathbomb rainbow

Terrarium for decor : What’s more interesting than gifting something that has a life of its own. No, don’t go overboard and buy them a puppy, give them something that is easy to maintain and adds to the home decor. A house terrarium is a naturist’s dream come true. It’s elegant, trendy and a prefect gift.


A One Month Diet Plan : Yet another treat for that health conscious work mate, gift them the joy of choosing healthy eating! Not just that, they can get a personalised diet plan from the certified Nutritionist – Sujetha Shetty who has transformed the fitness game for many! Isn’t it lovely to gift someone a healthier lifestyle?! (P.S- They have an ongoing offer of 999/- for a month)



Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp : This is the legit nicest thing you can do for someone – it’s what all the millennial wants in their room, it has numerous benefits, looks cute and gives out the much needed positive vibes. This tiny Himalayan Salt Lamp works to enhance the mood, banishes negativity, and promotes a good sleep. Who doesn’t want that now?

himalayan salt lamp

These are 12 best Under 1000/- Secret Santa gift ideas that you can gift this December to your workmates. Share this article with your colleagues to save yourself from getting chocolates and deodorants (eeks!)

P.S – Always add a lil note with your gift, personalize it with your thoughts, coz it all counts!



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