Many of us, if not all, struggle with energy issues each day. If you’re downing cup after cup of Joe to fuel your body just to surrender to torpidity at the end of the day, you need to shake things up, my friend! To help you manoeuvre your way through your day better without falling over, we have here a list of strategies that will fill your energy cup to last the day!

Lose the Snooze

Morning is the time when your energy hormones are at a high. No matter how tempting that 5 extra minutes of sleep is, it’ll just disrupt the hormone cycle and prolong the inevitable. There’s no escaping from facing the day and the better, more logical way to welcome it is, to do it when your hormones are doing most of the work.Lose the snoozeTip: Set your alarm clock to the exact time you need to wake up – not a minute less, not a minute more – and put it across the room so you’d have to get out of bed to stop it.

Exit night, enter light

Yes, I just messed up Metallica’s Enter Sandman lyrics but, no, I did not do it without cause. The point to note here is that a dark room encourages laziness and convinces you that you still need sleep even when you don’t. Meanwhile, nothing wakes you up faster than having your room flooded with light, be it sunlight or artificial light.

Exit night Enter light

Tip: Roll back the blinds or, if it’s still dark outside, turn on the lights as soon as you get off the bed.

Hello H2O

We can’t stress this enough: hydration is crucial! You know drinking water helps the body function at its best, but also drinking it first thing in the morning adds an advantage whereby the digestive system is kick started in the right direction, and I bet you can all appreciate how far that goes into your being properly energised throughout the day.

Hello H2O

Tip: Keeping a tall glass of water on your nightstand helps remind you to drink water as soon as you wake up.

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Breakfast for a king

Break every night’s fast with a bang! Your choice of breakfast will define the level of energy you’ll have later in the day. So have a hearty meal that will set the perfect tone for the entire day ahead of you. A healthy and satisfying breakfast supplies your body the nutrients it needs and provides with the energy it requires to function optimally each day.

Breakfast for a King

Tip: Ensure your breakfast has all required nutrients from proteins to complex carbs and healthy fats.

Step away

Confining yourself to your cubicle for hours at an end is self-inflicting torture! Yes, the work needs to be done, but if you don’t step away for a while, you’re just going to end up stressed out and frustrated. Besides, the very much needed break in fact brings you back rejuvenated, and ready to tackle the tasks with a new zeal and a refreshed mind.

Step away

Tip: Step out for a walk around the block after lunch for a breath of fresh air and to stretch your legs. You’ll feel the difference, trust me!

Say no to caffeine

No matter how inviting that cup of coffee or tea looks and how tempting the aroma is, learn to let it go. A cup of coffee sounds harmless enough, but you have to look at the bigger picture here. More often than not, coffee or tea also means milk, cream and sugar, which together means a truckload of calories. Not to forget, caffeine also results in disturbed sleep later at night which will backfire on you the next morning and the vicious cycle continues.Say no to caffeine

Tip: Spare the bean and go green! Green tea has proved to be just as rejuvenating but without the side-effects of coffee or tea and with added health benefits.

Snack attack

Feeding coins to vending machines so you can feed on its rich, sugary snacks is a definite no-no if you want to keep your energy status at a healthy level. They may seem appetizing to the eye but they won’t be able to provide the sustainable energy your body needs. In fact, such foods will actually make you sluggish and tired. Wise snacking is what’s called for.Snack attack

Tip: Opt for fruits, nuts, yogurt or smoothies as healthier options for mid-day snacking.

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Wind down

For those of you who think wine will help you wind down for the day, it actually disrupts your sleep cycle and leaves you feeling exhausted the next day. So, if you want to wake up re-energised, say no to alcohol before bed. Sleep is the best natural therapy to deal with tiredness and to re-energise. Therefore, hit the sack early for a restful sleep of 7-8 hours.

Wind down

Tip: Turn off all electronic devices before bedtime and sleep like a baby to wake up feeling fresh and fabulous!

There are endless ways to charge up your energy levels the healthy way, such as regular workouts, planning and organising, de-cluttering your work space, spending time with kids and pets, etc. – but let’s start with the basic ones and then gradually add more to the list, shall we? Great! Give a thumbs up if you find this article helpful. More energy to you!


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