On a glorious day in July 2017, BollyBeats™ came into being. A brainchild of Rohit Saud and Karthikeyan, BollyBeats™ is the place to be; especially if you love to bust a move or two to the popular Bollywood numbers.

BollyBeats™ is a place where you leave your soul open and let your body groove to killer music. But, it’s more than just that! Here’s the deal. BollyBeats™ is not just about Bollywood music and dancing. Though the base of BollyBeats™ is a dance fitness class, it comes gift wrapped with a lot more like cardio, strength and bodyweight training, and yoga stretches.


So, what sets BollyBeats™ apart?

BollyBeats™ choreographies have a very different ideology – they are not just any dance fitness choreographies but in fact ‘Dance Animation’ choreographies. Now, now… Don’t get puzzled! What they mean by ‘Dance Animation’ choreography is that these choreographies can be practiced and performed in a class setting and during a Sangeet, Wedding or any party too! So, if the word ‘fitness’ turns you off, then consider dancing.

BollyBeats - What sets BollyBeats apart

How it all began

Rohit Saud, the Mastermind behind BollyBeats™, has been teaching dance for over a decade now. Rohit is pretty popular among the dance fitness community for his choreographies. He represented BollyBeats™ as a brand in Bali Fitness weekend (one of Asia’s largest fitness events) in 2016, where he was complimented a lot for his work and that’s when the idea popped! Both Rohit and Karthikeyan worked together to give this idea a shape and bring it to where it stands currently, among the very best. BollyBeats™ also certifies trainers who further share the choreographies in their classes.

BollyBeats - How it all began

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Who should be interested?

Anyone and everyone who loves to dance and enjoys Bollywood music as much. And if you’re looking for that hep place to enjoy your time and still get fit then you can end your search here. The fusion of Dance, strength and yoga is just unbeatable!

BollyBeats - Who should be interested?

Why the name?

Suggested and coined by participants, BollyBeats™ had the right ring to it! It soon got pretty popular and Rohit and Karthikeyan were sure this was what they had been looking for.

BollyBeats - Why the name?

A little about the founders

Rohit, the Creator and Master trainer of BollyBeats™ is an experienced Dance Fitness instructor popular for his Bollywood Choreographies. Karthikeyan, Co-founder and CEO of BollyBeats™ is an experienced Dance Fitness Instructor too. A seasoned entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience in IT and food industry, Karthikeyan is instrumental in putting together the programs along with Rohit.

A little about the founders

What they have in store for you

BollyBeats™ has huge plans in store for you this year! And they’ll be revealed to you soon. Aww… Don’t get disheartened. Here’s what you can expect – a lot of fresh and amazing classes, new programs that will pump you up – mentally and physically, and a little bit of surprise, what say! Keep an eye and ear open for them and your happy feet ready! Some original music to be launched this year exclusive for BollyBeats™ Pro Instructors, an online store to shop their exclusive merchandise and a new Bollycamp Live program by their Elite instructors.

BollyBeats - What they have in store for you

Bench marking the fitness industry

BollyBeats™ empowers anyone who is looking to jump start their career in fitness industry. It helps instructors to upgrade their current skill set. Right from IT professionals to house wives, BollyBeats™ provides an equal opportunity to explore a previously nonviable profession.

BollyBeats - Bench marking the fitness industry

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Note from the Founders

We want to take our love of Bollywood to every corner of the world. Our vision is to “Make BollyBeat™ a global fitness program” with far and wide adoption.

BollyBeats - Note from the Founders

What are you waiting for then? Grab your party shoes and get ready to bust a move and groove to bollywood numbers!

Images and Information Courtesy: Raja S, Elite Instructor, BollyBeats™.


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