How long have you been thinking of hitting the gym you have bought the membership of? How long have you been eyeing on that super-hot chick and planning to get a toned body? Well, we all know, it’s tough to incorporate fitness without planning for it, even if we plan, there’s something or the other to linger on and make it flow, with more difficulty! Yes, we’ve been there, done that, and came back with the overwhelming feeling of losing out on life, but then every year comes with a new life, new beginning! So why not make this year towards making plans that work for you!

Here’s 5 kick-ass resolutions to make your 2018 interesting and be high on health!

  1. Get your ‘Digital Detox’ Time of the Day

We ain’t saying technology is cruel, NO! We know how difficult is it to stay away from it for long, but there’s no harm in making it take a backseat when it comes to your happiness. Take some time out and spend quality time with your family, friends, your pet or may be yourself. Pick up that hobby you have been thinking about for a while, take some time out for a rejuvenating massage, the point is detoxifying your mind and soul for the things you love.


  1. Dump that burger, bread and Maggie as your meal

Yeah, healthy lifestyle is not our enemy, may be to follow that whatever needs to be can seem like lifting a mountain, but trust me, it’s worth it. If you have been ignoring your Mom for barring you from eating those junks, just DON’T and learn to cook instead. You might feel a little lost if you are an amateur to the kitchen terrain, but trust me, you will thank us and your Mom later.


  1. Give Weightlifting a Try

Guys and girls, we’ve discussed in the past how exercise can change your body and mind. This year, surrender to weightlifting to see your body bringing in positive changes. You will be surprised by the way it boosts your metabolism, increase lean muscles, burns fat, and makes you stronger.


  1. Love yourself a little more

Okay this is little off from fitness dictations we’ve been tattling, but without this you go nowhere! We often forget to fuel ourselves and blame the circumstances for failing to stick to our resolutions we make. Well, no more of that! Loving yourself is reminding yourself that you are alive, being appreciated, and you are ready to take new challenges. And moreover, don’t forget that- You DESERVE every bit of it.


  1. Start your day with lukewarm water

Starting your day with lukewarm water, be it with honey or lemon juice, or even plain lukewarm water, could prove be a great start of your day. This simple act of kindness to your body brings tenfold benefits from flushing toxins, aiding weight loss, aiding digestion, relieving constipation, and many more. Moreover, it helps your skin glow, takes out impurities and give you the freshness you require to start your day with a bang!


Starting the year on a healthy note should not be intimidating, and hence, we have made a concrete plan to prepare you for the baby steps so that you and your body come in a sync. If fitness is already a part of your lifestyle, you know what crazy benefits you get from it, if you are yet to start, we’re sure it’s going to be your extremely beneficial investment of 2018! All the best and stay healthy. Share your thoughts in the comments section below and don’t forget to encourage your friends to live a healthy life too by sharing and liking this article!



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