Another program to keep you healthy, “Get ProActiv India” an initiative by Cigna TTK to encourage customers to get physically active. And as we care for your health we thought of knowing about the program better and help all the fitness enthusiasts to get a hands-on information about it. So, we spoke to Mr. Sandeep Patel, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Cigna TTK to take us through the program. Read on to find out about the Get ProActiv India fitness program and we are sure, after knowing about it you will enroll for it.

Responses by Mr. Sandeep Patel, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Cigna TTK


Tell us how Get ProActiv India Living Program provides the best help customers need to make health a priority? How does this program work?

Get ProActiv India’ is part of its ProActiv Living Program designed to encourage and reward people to be physically active and make it a lifestyle. To give you a background, we commenced our journey in 2013; Cigna TTK was the first health insurance company in India to introduce healthy living through reward based health risk assessment and condition management programs. With “Get ProActiv India’, we took another step towards healthy living and this time our aim was to reward our customers to get physically active. Our ‘Get ProActiv’ application will help our customers’ track their fitness levels and monitor their vitals while earning valuable reward points.

We have leveraged technology, a great catalyst to help monitor and manage health and that is how we have designed our program as well. Our very first mobile application ‘Get ProActiv India’ can be downloaded on Android / IOS Platforms. Customers can then integrate the same on selected wearable device. They can also directly enter non track-able activities into the application. Healthy Reward points are then earned on the basis of the quantum of physical activity.

How do you think Get ProActiv India can change the way people look at fitness and health?

Insights from our recent Cigna 360 well-being study revealed: 73% of respondents in India are familiar with fitness monitoring tools, with 1 in 4 using such tools regularly. The most popular fitness tools are online medical guidance, mobile fitness app and connecting with medical professionals. So clearly, wearables is helping and taking health and fitness to a new level. Get ProActiv app is aligned to the way we see consumers taking charge of their health. Studies have also shown, when monitored people tend to show better progress. The ‘Healthy Reward’ will help people get motivated, when one actually earns an incentive through rewards in various forms. Cigna TTK in its efforts to promote health and fitness in India partners with leading marathons in India including the upcoming Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon and recently partnered with Indiabull’s Vasai Virar Mayor’s Marathon, for which customers can also earn valuable healthy reward points. The Get ProActiv program is open for all people with a Cigna TTK ProHealth policy, and one can register any time during the policy period. Like all other ProActiv Living programs conceptualized by Cigna TTK, this one too is available at no cost.

Tell us the key factors of Get ProActiv India program that sets this program apart from the rest

Here are the key features of Get ProActiv program:

  • Get ProActiv India is a program designed to encourage people to lead a physically fit and healthy life
  • Launch of the very first Cigna TTK ‘Get ProActiv’ tracking Application compatible with Android and iOS
  • Earn “Healthy Rewards” by syncing activity logs with the “Get ProActiv’” Application. Rewards points can be redeemed to reduce the health insurance premium.
  • Customers have to simply download the ‘Get ProActiv’ application and register the required details (such as customer ID, policy details).
  • Effort intensive activities like cycling, swimming and weight training make the reward point ticker soar. But every step counts, and so, just walking is good too.
  • Points can be accumulated and can be used for two purposes. Discount against renewal premium, or to claim Health Maintenance Benefits



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