The world can currently be divided into 2 parts – those who have watched Black Panther and those who haven’t! This is one movie that’s on everybody’s mind and not just for one but two good reasons – Chadwick Boseman and Michael B Jordan. We’ve already covered Chadwick Boseman a.k.a Black Panther’s workout routine for you and now on popular demand, we bring to you the workout routine of the big bad supervillain of the movie, Erik Killmonger. This massively built man’s hardcore workouts is ought to blow your mind off and believe us, this will definitely get you jacked AF too!

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Jordan has starred in some amazing movies, Creed and Fantastic Four being some of his recent work. But Black Panther was completely different. Though, this Californian was already ripped (thanks to his hard work and his coach, celebrity trainer Corey Calliet), playing ‘Erik Killmonger’ demanded a lot more and Michael did an impeccable job to fit into the role. MBJ, like his fans call him, has some insane workout moves. Here’s what he does:

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Workout Routine:

The Michael-Calliet duo kicked ass and took names for several months. Rather than emphasising on fancy training routines like plyometrics or TRX, Corey wanted to get Jordan shredded with compound workouts that would build mass; like deadlifts, lateral pulldowns, and bench presses. Here’s his detailed workout routine for you:

Mind you, Mike works out for six days a week – twice or thrice everyday!



The Diet:

To take a sneak-peak of what this ‘Killmonger’ eats, we spoke to Gympik’s Expert Nutritionist and Diet Consultant, Sujetha Shetty. We surely wanted to understand what keeps Mike going through the day. Here’s what we got! “A combination of high proteins, complex carbs, and healthy fats; and don’t forget fiber, vitamins, minerals, and oodles of water for hydration.” is what Sujetha suggests.

  • For building that brawny body, Michael must’ve gobbed on a lot of high protein foods like grilled chicken, egg whites, and lean meats. High proteins are great for building the muscle mass.
  • Complex carbs, the ones that are slowly digested, helps you keep fuller for longer while providing you the required energy. These can be found in whole grains, cereals, and brown rice.
  • Veggies is a must any day; especially those high in vitamins, minerals, and fiber – like broccoli.
  • And to complete the diet, healthy fats are added on top.

Erik Killmonger - Michael B Jordan

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This duo has worked wonders in getting this Wakandian rebel chiseled. If you too want to have a savage body as Michael B. Jordan aka “Erik Killmonger”, just follow his workout routine with a single minded devotion. Like Erik says in the movie, “I hope you’re ready bro, because I’m just getting started.” If you were inspired by this article then don’t forget to hit the like and share button. Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

Disclaimer: The content in this article is purely research based and the workouts mentioned in the chart are suggested by Gympik’s expert trainers.

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