For Iram Zaidi, fitness is not just a buzzword. A prominent online transformation coach, a sponsored athlete, and a nutrition consultant, Iram Zaidi has made fitness her way of life. With 600+ successful transformation stories under her belt, Iram was the person responsible for the inspiring transformation of one our previous heroes, Trishnanta Kanjilal.  This is Iram Zaidi’s story!

The Beginnings

With numerous clients spread all over the country and multiple freelancing offers coming in, today Iram commands immense respect in the fitness circle but few know that this real-life super girl had once been body shamed as a teenager.

A victim of stress, leading an unhealthy lifestyle, not too long ago Iram was just like one of us. Giving in to her cravings for unhealthy fast food every once in a while, things became even worse during that time of the month when her biological clock came to a full circle. One of her refuge during those times would be all the sinful comfort foods that she could land her hands on.

The constant body shaming also played havoc with her self-esteem which made it difficult for her to sustain her enthusiasm in the initial few days. It was only after her class 12th that Iram finally woke up from the stupor and decided to do something about her fitness. While initially, due to a lack of proper guidance, she struggled with her weight loss journey, Iram’s industriousness and steadfastness soon came to her rescue.

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Training Right

Driven by a passion to overcome the negativity of the body shamers, Iram invested a lot of time and effort in researching (both online and offline) the basics of body mechanics and nutrition. Based on this research she came up with a plan. In her own words, “I followed a variety of diets and workouts in order to break my plateau and get a toned figure”.

While working out, like most experts, Iram Zaidi’s primary focus was strength training. In fact, she included strength training into her fitness regimen 5 days a week. Not only did this help Iram tone her body, it also helped her increase the resting metabolism while building a strong body composition and this helped her burn off the calories more effectively. So ladies, if you are one of those who feels uneasy lifting weights, take a leaf from Iram’s transformation story and start including strength training into your workouts.

Eating Right

Body transformation isn’t possible without a proper diet plan! In fact, as a nutrition consultant, diet is one of the first things Iram zeroes in on for her clients. Naturally then, in her own case diet was a special focus. During her transformation phase, Iram experimented with various diets and followed a mix of carbs, high carbs and, proteins.

Where There Is A Will…

Sir Edmund Hillary once said, “It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.” These words couldn’t have been truer than in the case of Iram Zaidi. Following a herculean fitness regime and strict diet, Iram managed to do the impossible! Within just 24 weeks, she had reduced her waist size from 40 inches to 28 inches and had managed to drop a whopping 25 kilosYes, Iram had just conquered her Mount Everest and once and for all, left behind all the numerous failures and shaming she had faced all her life to start a new life altogether. This stunning transformation also helped Iram fight PCOD, a common condition affecting many women today, so ladies, one more reason to hit the gym right there! 

Iram Zaidi


The Path Beyond…

Having achieved what she has at such a young age, perhaps any other 25-year old would have been content at just basking in the glory of the new found fame, but that’s just not Iram Zaidi. When asked about her future plans, Iram says “My aim is to make as many people fit as possible and by fit, I mean people who understand the true importance of health. I want people to understand that being fit is not just a short-term goal but a lifestyle itself.

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With over 3700 followers on Instagram, Iram has leveraged social media effectively to spread her message on a larger platform. In fact, her Instagram account is an amazing source of information if you are looking for workout tips, nutrition tips and inspirations. Not just that she is planning to participate in fitness competitions as well.

Iram Zaidi Transformation

Iram’s Mantra For Success

So what’s this iron lady’s fitness mantra? Let’s hear it from her directly “There’s no one mantra to fitness, I feel when you want something bad enough you will give everything you have to achieve it”. But she also warns that one should not start off with unrealistic expectations. Says Iram, “Body transformation isn’t impossible but it also isn’t easy. Many people get demotivated midway. This is why it is important to break your long-term goal into multiple short-term goals.” According to Iram, achieving these relatively easier short-term goals will keep you motivated and help you stay focused on the bigger picture. Well, we couldn’t agree more!

In the end

It’s always easy to give up. Like so many of us, Iram too could have just given up midway with one of the million excuses all of us so effectively come up with. The fact that she instead chose to take the road less travelled and stuck to her goal despite the numerous setbacks and taunts that were thrown her way, speaks volumes about her willpower and determination.

Today, what began a personal challenge for Iram Zaidi has become her mission in life. A proud mentor to inspiring transformation stories, Iram Zaidi has not just shut up her critics but more importantly has channelled her energy towards helping others turn their lives around. So much so that some of her clients have even featured in prominent newspapers like Mumbai Mirror!

In fact, many of her clients including patients with hypertension, arthritis, and even diabetes have benefitted immensely from Iram’s masterful guidance. In more than one cases, her clients with diabetes have successfully reversed their condition! If this isn’t a service to humanity, we don’t know what is! These are just a few of the cases of how Iram Zaidi touched someone’s life and there are numerous such stories. As this Wonder Woman continues on her mission of spread fitness across the country, Team Gympik wishes more power to her and hopes she achieves great successes! You go Iram!



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