Ushering in a new born is a precious occasion that every woman would look forward to in her life. Motherhood is the greatest boon for a woman in her life; however, there are certain concerns after pregnancy that every woman is apprehensive about. The postpartum weight that accompanies a woman soon after giving birth and the most common question surrounding it, ‘Will I ever regain my original body shape?’ is natural for a woman to consider. Before we move forward to read the ways to reduce postpartum weight, it’s absolutely necessary for every new mom to act thoughtfully as gradual reduction in weight after pregnancy is best advised and recommended by doctors, so that as a mom you can have enough calories and energy to nurse your baby.

Let's Talk About Postpartum Weight

Working at reducing Postpartum Weight

Start Gradually

You must always bear in mind that not only you, but every new mom like you will undergo lot of body changes, after giving birth. You are bound to get enlarged around the belly, develop a wide waist and undergo many more bodily changes. Every new mom takes around 6 months to 1 year to lose weight and around a year and a half or two to return to pre-pregnancy weight. With this base fact you must give yourself that cut off period to start with your diet plans and exercises. Initially it is also important to consider losing those extra kilos gained during pregnancy. You can join programs and camps for postpartum weight loss. By joining such groups you can have an opportunity to talk to other new moms and motivate yourself towards weight reduction, but the slow and steady way. Don’t try to over work yourself because that isn’t going to get you anywhere.

Start Gradually

 Eat Healthy

Honestly you need to eat more post pregnancy while nursing your baby. Now, this may sound ironic when you’re trying to lose those extra pounds but it is a fact that you would need to pop in more food to gain enough calories, to be able to breastfeed. The calories that you eat are used up in nursing and you tend to lose weight despite eating. Try including lot of fibre and moderate starch for the extra calories required. Include 5 servings of fruits and vegetables, including more greens in vegetables. Try following a healthy balanced diet in small portions at regular intervals.

Eat HealthyInclude exercise

Start by taking baby steps before getting on with a strenuous exercise program. The more you strain yourself, the more toxins are released and this may affect the nourishing process. Rigorous exercise program should be taken up only after 6 months to one year after pregnancy. However simple exercises can be started as early as one month post giving birth. Taking your baby on the pushchair can form a simple walk, pelvic floor exercises can be followed upon consulting your health practitioner and joining post pregnancy classes. Simple exercises like breathing in and out for as many times as you can, ensuring that the tummy muscles are pulled in, is a good way to start. Follow the guidelines and get active. No going overboard though.


Habituate The Routine

Once you’re ready to start off after the 6 month to one year break, try following the same routine diet and exercise plan, but on a lengthy scale. Keep having a healthy balanced diet; however try to avoid eating fatty and fried foods now. Cut down on chocolates and biscuits, and anything that is processed and junk. Try including other exercise programs such as yoga, aerobic exercises, swimming, jogging as part of your routine.

Habituate The Routine

Finally, you must understand and stress upon the fact that post-pregnancy weight gain is a natural process and your body goes through several changes. Give yourself time until you’ve come to terms with your body changes and when your baby is accustomed to a daily routine. Dietary supplements are not an option to consider either, as it may prove dangerous to both, your and your baby’s health. Always consult with your health practitioner before opting for any post-partum weight reduction programs. Good diet, a proper workout regimen and a healthy lifestyle is what you should be looking at. Most importantly stay happy and positive. If you like this article then don’t forget to hit the like button and share it. Any feedback and suggestions are welcome in the comment section below.


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