Running is one of the most effective ways to derive the coveted shape and physique you have set a plan for. But, there are zillions of prerequisites to consider if you wish to be a steady and consistent runner. Of course, the facts should be transparent to you before you take a plunge, because like all sports, it needs dedication, precaution and most importantly consistent practicing to reach to the pinnacle of finesse and make the execution smooth and effortless.

We have compiled a list of common errors that can pull any runner back and hinder success. Watch out!

Planning for too fast results:- Setting up new goal is exciting but remember to keep it steady; else you might end up hurting your limbs. Your body needs the time to build up energy and adapt to changes; hence, start off with a slow and easy paced running routine and continue this for a considerable amount of time, allow your body to get flexible with the pace before you switch to a faster one.

Comparing with others:- You must have heard it numerous times in different stages of life in different situations that comparing yourself with others’ goals will only disappoint you than doing any good. Same applies here as well. When you compare yourself with others regarding the goal, there are many circumstances to consider as well, such as strength, stamina, energy level, pace etc. So better, you go by your plan, natural running pace and your routine than eyeing on others’ running regimen.

Comparing with others

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Setting unrealistic goals: Setting a realistic goal and staying motivated towards it, is a good way to stick to the plan and this will keep you focused as well. Setting unrealistic goals without considering your strength and weaknesses might only lead to frustration or sometimes increase the risk of getting injured.

Stretching your limits: Just stop and consider giving a second thought to your body condition when you feel constant muscle pain or lack of breath while running, which means either you are pushing your limits too far without understanding your flexibility or you have resumed training without giving your body substantial time to heal. Besides, when you feel lack of energy or difficulty in maintaining regular pace, give your body some rest to regenerate energy and come back to normalcy.

Stretching your limits

Switching plans very often: You can experiment with different plans and programs as long as you know your strength and weaknesses and want to turn your weaknesses into your strengths. But don’t go overboard with trying out different plans, as switching to different programs will not only hamper the flow of your practice but also might delay your progress. Hence, it is better to know your body and choose a plan accordingly so that it reaps benefits for you in the long run.

Being impatient about your goals: Nothing can help more than a consistent practice schedule and a realistic goal, if you wish to reach the level of perfection. To achieve this, you should be patient and consistent enough and allow your body to become stronger with time.

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Not doing enough stretching: In almost all physical fitness activities, stretching is a must to give your muscles the required flexibility, mobility and strength. In running, the mobility and flexibility of your muscles prevent injury and give the strength to perform even better.

Lying-Spinal-Twist: Improve your body Flexibility

These are some of the major components that are considered as hindrances to your progressions as a novice. If not paid attention to, you might find yourself not making any considerable progress towards your running goal despite the efforts.  Random training approaches or multiple training suggestions from different sources can also lead to disastrous performance level. It is always best to take your time to think and evaluate the problem area or ask your coach for help and fix them to get the best results. Remember to focus on one step at a time and get set, go!



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