The term ‘healthy drinking’ stands for redefining fun that doesn’t fit perfectly in the agenda of the health enthusiasts. A healthy lifestyle doesn’t allow gulping down those gold tinted drinks as healthy eating, regular fitness regimen and swapping healthier food options to chuck the not-so-healthy picks have topped the list. Sometimes, the call of the thrill becomes a little too alluring and the mental state of euphoria calls for fun, party, outings, and loads of gulping down booze! We know there is no specified time to justify the time of boozing but for the fleshy little champion called liver, goes through a lot of stress everyday due to our unadulterated love for alcohol. If you are one among the group who wants to start anything auspicious with tinkling the glasses, then this is for you, because we believe in healthy elixir (not that alcohols have any health benefits though) and low calorie ambrosia.

Let’s check out some of the best options to keep your weight in check!

Rum on the rocks or diet coke

No wonder why the simplest things on earth abode the finest of beauty! Take single rum and mix it with diet coke and you have just satisfied your quench with the simplest yet low-calorie drinks. Cheers!

Calorie per serving- 65 calories


Malt whiskey

Want to be on a SPIRITual high keeping your calories in check? An ounce of malt on the rocks should do the wonders for you—simple, traditional and classy wins the game, you see!

Calorie per serving- 72 calories

Malt whiskey

Fruity Vodka

Flavoured vodkas are as awesome as the unflavoured ones with a tinge of fruitilicious kick. Add some slices of your favourite fruits and some amount of club soda. Want a little more flavour? Go ahead and add a shot of unsweetened orange juice. You are ready to quaff down the awesomeness.

Total: 76 calories

Fruity Vodka


The reason why would you consider Prosecco as one of the diet friendly drinks is for its low-calorie content. Famed as one of the most diet-friendly alcoholic drinks, Prosecco stands out in the crowd and is the best pick for the calorie conscious souls. Moreover, Brut Prosecco is one the best options for dieters too.

Calorie per serving- 80 calories


Champagne Punch

Champagnes and champagne-based cocktails are the most sophisticated and some of the most lenient options when you are reluctant to put much stress in the calorie department. With the fruity flavours of orange, pineapple, strawberries and the freshness of lime and mint, this is gonna revive your faith in the exquisiteness of minimalism.

Calorie per serving- 90 calories

champagne punch

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Bloody Mary

As merrily satisfying the name is, Bloody Mary is considered as the ultimate cocktail for calorie watchers. Just tweak the ingredients and sodium content of the drink to stay on the better part of the diet.

Calorie per serving- 90 calories

bloody mary


Simple soda and tequila mix can be the best choice if you are planning to go for a low-cal drinking. You have the choice of jazzing it up with a bit with lime or orange juice or soda and garnish with some mint leaves. This classy cocktail comes with the benefits of refreshingly amazing taste of lime and orange and most importantly, it doesn’t threaten your waistline.

Calorie per serving- 95 calories


Sangria Sparkler

Sangria Sparklers are the heartiest drinks that can be enjoyed anytime with a dash of refreshing fruits and juices. To make the drink even more dramatic and colourful, add a few slices of oranges. The exuberance of this cocktail emerges in its true colour with wine, brandy, orange pulp and orange juice. If you want to enjoy the warmth of this without screwing up your diet, just remind the bartender to avoid sugar and sugary liqueur while giving your cocktail a shake.

Calorie per serving- 100 calories

Sangria Sparkler

Sea breeze

The main ingredient of this low-calorie cocktail is vodka and the culprits that sabotages the charisma of this drink is the sugary juices and mixes. Seabreeze cocktail is amazing if you can ditch the sugary mixers and make it less intimidating for your waistline. You can enjoy the same cocktail with more of grapefruit juice and less of cranberry juice and you are sorted.

Calorie per serving-113 calories



One of the refreshingly amazing drinks that needs less of efforts and more of your moment of ecstasy is Mojito. While opting for a cocktail, you can always look for a diet-friendly choice like this sans sugary syrups. Just ask the bartender to mix your drink with crushed mint leaves, a teaspoon of brown sugar or honey, topped with fresh lime juice and soda water.

Calorie per serving- 150 calories


Now that you are armed with the tricks and tweaks to unwind the innumerable possibilities of cutting down on calories while enjoying your drink, indulge in the poison of your choice this season!


    • Hey Lakshmi, it’s nice to hear from you! We believe in healthy weight loss and having said that, there is no miraculous drink that can melt weight away. you can read the article on fat loss drink here-> but to keep your weight in check, there is no substitution for moderate exercising coupled with healthy diet. Keep reading our blog to stay updated on all your queries related to health and fitness.


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