With a degree in Aerospace engineering perhaps most of us would have chosen to take the softer, easier route towards a cushy white collar job at any of the Fortune 500, heck, maybe even NASA or ISRO! But that’s just not how badasses roll. One such icon of badassery is Krishna Arun and this is her incredible story!

The Beginnings

At the age of 17, while most of us were busy preparing for the dreaded 12th boards, Krishna was already participating in her first Powerlifting competition. If you are not familiar with the sport of Powerlifting, it’s basically a bunch of real badass dudes trying to lift the heaviest weights they are capable of- in short, it’s not for the faint of heart or back! There’s mad respect for Powerlifters in the athletic circles but Krishna did herself one better – she won the very first Powerlifting competition she participated in with just two months of training!

While the people around her were still gathering their dropped jaws, Krishna gave them a whole new reason to question all the stereotypes about women by grabbing three Gold medals at various national weightlifting competitions. Somewhere in between, this iron woman also made a record of lifting 150 kilo Hackwith a grand total of 412.5 kilos – just to put that in perspective, that’s equivalent of lifting a small cow!

Train dirty when yo angry they said ….my Saturday evening workout out of fury….and then when I’m super super angry and I meet my coach @raghudamutant …boom ???????. It’s like more oxygen to combustion…?? but we are still warming up , with 120kg deal lift body weight = 54kg the beast mode is not on yet. And I still suck at breathing ?…! But getting back to my track with the help of one of the well qualified and super talented coach I have ever come across @raghudamutant the real beast. Check out his page if u want to know about power lifting and the athlete center where he trains me. Mutante strength and athlete center is one of the best place if u are serious about ur workout. This is heaven for athletes ….??? I love to be trained here #training #workout #beast #killer #motivation #powerlifting #champions #serious #workout #nobullshit #nodrama #tough #hard #hardwork #anger #motivation #power #strength #gym #mybestfriend #gotmesomad #butstillcute #love #bestfriendslove

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Having thus laid waste to a bunch of social norms, Krishna finally decided to do one thing that all regular Indian kids do, pursue engineering. But even here, instead of following the crowd in IT stream, she chose Aerospace branch – we are telling you, this girl has no chills!

After Engineering

After finishing a degree in designing aircrafts and spacecrafts, Krishna finally decided that NASA and ISRO can wait. Instead, she followed her passion, and decided to  begin her journey as a fitness trainer.

Somewhere in between, people began taking notice of this lady Hercules and her social media following grew,thus, launching her into the world of fitness influencers!

“It’s Like Teaching Them Maths”

It’s hard to believe now, but there was a time when Krishna was a regular girl weighing 65 kilos. It was through sheer hard work and determination that she transformed herself into the current icon of badassery. Having been through the paces herself, Krishna is acutely aware of the personal challenges people face when undertaking a body transformation. In fact, she admits that the initial stages are the most difficult. But Krishna has figured out a solution.

Before beginning the transformation journey, Krishna spends a lot of time in making sure that her clients understand the basics thoroughly. Her logic is that, once the clients understand the basics it becomes a lot easier for them to accept fitness as a lifestyle. It’s not always easy though, with a twinkle in her eye Krishna adds

It’s like teaching a baby math for the first time!

With the basics out of the way, Krishna diligently studies her client’s lifestyle, dietary habits and their eventual fitness goal. Only after this does she prepare a customised plan for each client. She also constantly updates herself about the latest fitness trends and keeps changing her client’s workout routines so that they are never bored.

With a clientele that includes CEOs, entrepreneurs, doctors and celebrities, one of the major challenges faced by Krishna is the scheduling conflict due to their constant travelling. This is where the time consuming process of educating the client about the basic pays off. Since the clients already know the what, why and how of the workouts, all Krishna has to do now is to prepare a structured plan. To be on top of their workout and diet Krishna monitors her clients remotely. Basically, no matter if you are in Arizona or Amsterdam, with Krishna Arun as your trainer, you can kiss the chances of hoodwinking your fitness routine goodbye!

What Keeps The Juggernaut Going?

At young age of 25, one must wonder if all of this isn’t taking a toll on this Iron Lady? To this Krishna admits that

There are definitely those days when you feel like giving in to some craving, but those days are the days when my clients motivate me!

How? Well, the fact that most of the clients look up to her everyday keeps her motivated. She quips, “If I show a lack of dedication, how can I expect dedication from my clients? This never let me go off the track.

In The End

A powerhouse of talent with a “Never Say Die!” attitude, Krishna Arun’s story is truly inspiring for anyone who wants to follow their passion. What’s noteworthy is that despite achieving success at such a young age, she is one of the most humble and friendly people we have met. We wish more young women would follow Krishna Arun’s footsteps because today, more than ever, we need a Krishna Arun in every home. With that we sign off! In case you do want to get in touch or need more fitness mantras, you can catch up with her on Instagram at @kriishhnaa.

Till then stay happy and stay healthy!


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  2. Well I guess not all engineers are nerds ha ha. Some people really regret they got this education. My boss acts like a real dictator in the office. But this is India.


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